Update: Version 2.0 is up! There are now 4 versions to chose from:
(If you are wondering what the differences are between the screen and print: the screen has less color variations, and no gradients to make it easier to read.)

The color coded Legend / Keys helps provide guidance for your experience level.

If you don't like this version (I'd love to hear why) try these, you may find them more to your liking...

Thanks to all the redditors for the feedback!  ~ Michael

The on-screen 150 DPI .png version is shown...

The color hard-copy 300 DPI .png version:
The monochrome hard-copy 300 DPI .png version:
An color blind hard-copy 150 DPI .png version:

=== Vim Rants ===

Vim has 4 bugs... Othe then that, Vim is a beautiful code editor!